Finding Pockets of Time

I’ll start this entry by saying Happy New Year!

No matter your walk of life, belief, family dynamic… this year, like the last, will likely test the will of us all. Yet even through the testing times, I hope that this year is at least a happy one for you in some way or another.

Over the winter season, happiness is something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot. I find that when my mental health is strained and my self doubt is at its highest, that is when I question what it is to be happy. I find that posing this question to myself gives me a reason to ‘find my happy’. I search for it in the things I do, the people I am surrounded by and the way in which I use the pockets of time that I have.

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Trying to Raise a Mindful Child

Personal experience has taught me that children are very receptive to the actions of their parents or guardians. As a mother of two with a large age gap, I find that everything revolves around leading by example. 

My eldest has recently turned ten and will soon be embarking on the quest of tweenhood. As such, I’m finding it especially important to instill values in him now, before we reach that stage of testosterone fuelled rebellious behaviour that I have so often been forewarned about.

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