Firstly, Happy New Year! I thought this post would be a great start to the new year since I can imagine that resolutions for many may be based around ‘quitting fast fashion’.

Over the last half a year or so I’ve been gradually working my way through my wardrobe. Having once been the type of person to pop into Primark to get a new pair of jeans when I didn’t really need any more, I’ve been a lot more conscious of the things going in and out of my closet.

I’ve always wanted a wardrobe that is more quality than quantity, however, being on a journey to love the skin I’m in, it’s been difficult to finally start admitting my size and buying for it. Too easy was it to just say, ‘I’ll start buying quality things when I’m at my target weight/dress size’ and then go and spend twenty or so pounds on something I didn’t particularly like because I didn’t particularly like myself (an issue for another blog post perhaps) but which covered me up.

Since I made the conscious decision to just explore my own style and start adding quality clothes to my wardrobe regardless of my size, I’ve discovered some really beautiful brands that I’d like to share. I call them slow fashion brands, though whether that’s an actual term or not, I’m not sure. I feel like it fits though.

Marie Zelie
A brand that boasts feminine clothing made of natural materials. This is the brand I bought my wedding dress from. I knew I wanted a swing dress style since I’ve always adored the fashion of the 40s – 60s style. I wanted something with sleeves and preferably a v-neck rather than the usual ‘peter pan’ collar. I thought I would have to spend hundreds for what I wanted, yet there it was on their website for a more than reasonable price and I loved it. The quality of the dress was so incredible, it’s the type of dress that I will re-wear and restyle and it’ll last me such a long time.

One of the things I found difficult to transition to are quality children’s clothes. I’ve always felt that buying quality clothes for children can be a double edged sword. Yes, you want clothes that are durable and stylish, but at the same time, children grow so fast and are incredibly capable of ruining an item of clothing in seconds flat. Nevertheless, I decided to look into a few clothing brands that I had heard were something special. were one of them. Still on the fence about buying quality everyday wear for my children I started out buying my youngest a winter coat. I was not disappointed, the quality is amazing and I bought a size up so I’m hoping that we’ll get a lot of wear out of it. The style that sell are definitely up my street since I adore quaint, country and vintage styles.

Son de Flor
A brand that focuses on 100% linen clothing, Son de Flor is one of the sustainable brands that I have come to absolutely delight in. I discovered them through a wonderful vlogger, Kirsten. Their styles are vintage inspired and the quality of their items means that they are definitely a well deserved investment in those pursuing a timeless wardrobe. My personal favourite has to be their classic long-sleeved dress in petal rose. I feel so incredibly feminine when wearing this and can style it in so many different ways.

Honourable mention
Cotton Candy Wear
I can’t comment on quality since I’ve yet to order from this brand, though I do know someone who has. I thought they were worth a mention anyway as I have quite a few of their dresses on my wishlist. The materials they use are natural and their styles ooze romanticism. I find that there are quite a few linen brands popping up these days, but Cotton Candy Wear spice things up by using other materials such as wool and cotton.

Of course these are only a few of the sustainable brands out there and since I am reducing the amount of clothes I buy posts like this will likely be few and far between. However, I thought it was worth highlighting them in the hopes that they might delight someone else.

Mrs. G