We currently live in a world that is on a downward spiral. It’s health deteriorating, it’s seas disappearing, it’s people squandering… So I find myself more and more often asking:

“Why is it like this? And what can I do to make a difference?”

The truth is, it’s most likely numerous things and I can’t do much, but as my mother always says, ‘look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.’ I always liked this little nugget of wisdom and see no reason why it can’t be transferable to every day living.

Both minimalism and zero-waste living have become- for want of a better phrase- ‘popular trends’ lately. However, I’ve found the philosophy behind these movements to be positive ones that can help better not only our way of living, but also the planet. And so I made the conscious decision to be more mindful in my everyday life and adopt some of the rules and regulations of these lifestyles, as well as frugal living, in order to be the change I want to see, rather than just seeing changes that need to be made and feeling too insignificant to do anything about it.

To start me on my journey I have found inspiration in many places online and for this post I want to share them in the hope that they may inspire you as well.

Jordan Page : This woman simply oozes positivity, she doesn’t live a specifically minimalist or zero-waste lifestyle, but she is a mother and someone who thrives on getting the most out of life without the need for material things. She lives on a budget and focuses on experiencing things with her family and I admire her for it. She’s all about frugal living which in its own way reduces waste and can work out better for the planet.

Northern Heart : Another inspiration is Maria, a Swedish YouTuber who suffered a stroke at a young age and followed her dream of moving to the beautiful countryside. She lives a rural lifestyle and is quite the minimalist. Again, she is someone who finds the beauty in everyday.

Lisa Bryan : The mother of downshiftology.com Lisa is all about minimalist living and making healthy food choices. Healthy eating has always been a struggle of mine and I find it easy to make excuses for why I don’t lose the weight, however, after watching some of Lisa’s videos it made me realise there really is no excuse for eating badly. There are so many healthy alternatives and it’s all about just being accountable for what you put in your own body.

Last, but by no means least,

Natalie the Nudie : She lives in a van with her little family and they travel across Australia, bathing in rivers and eating locally grown produce. The more I watch, the more inspired I get. As a family they just seem so happy, free and at ease with themselves and their way of life. It shows that happiness is more than just superficial things and that there is no one recipe for it.

There are so many other inspirational people out there and I’ve come across many of them, however, to list them all would probably take far too much time and I don’t doubt that if you’ve managed to find this humble blog, you will find them too. I can only hope that one day I will be able to join them in the pool of pennies that make up that shiny pound.

Mrs. G